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4 Ways to Boost Your Marketing Using Social Distancing Signage

Social distancing and safety signage are likely going to be around for a while. Your business should continue adhering to those mandates, but that doesn’t mean your social distancing signs need to be boring. And it seems that customers don’t even notice the generic social distancing signs anymore. The handwritten signs and peeling tape that’s spread along the floor can be bad for your image. Having worn, outdated, or dirty signage could be sending the wrong message about your brand.

Now is the time to freshen up and replace your COVID-19 signage. But now is also the right time to rethink how you do safety signage altogether! Your signage should reinforce your brand message to customers and make it easier to understand your marketing efforts.

Here are four ways you can make the most of your marketing with updated social distancing signage.

1. Align with Your Branding

Social distancing signage is familiar to nearly everyone now. We all know that we should stay 6 feet away from others when out in public. While the signs are there to serve as a reminder about these standards, you can do more with them. Change those boring signs into something that is more aligned with your personality and brand.

Telling your business’ story with your social distancing signage can also coordinate with your branding and other décor choices. Be sure to include your brand colors, fonts, shapes, and images in your updated signs. If you have a mascot or brand icon – feature it in your social signage – so your signs are uniquely yours. Taking this approach can give customers a better experience while reinforcing your brand in their minds.

2. Advertise Your Products

Social distancing signs are great for branding – but don’t stop there. Consider integrating your products and services offered by your business. Incorporate product images and messaging so your signs catch customers’ attention and promote your business at the same time.

As an example, if you run a car dealership, promote the vehicles you offer by encouraging customers to stay a “Camry” or a “Jetta” apart. If you sell burgers and fries, consider redesigning your floor graphics to feature a new menu item every six feet on each sign.

This strategy can make it easier for your to cross-sell or upsell your customers all while injecting a little more fun into their experience. And this strategy can be even more effective when used near point of sale areas or where customers will be standing in line.

3. Get Creative

While very few would consider the average health and safety sign “fun”, that doesn’t mean they can’t be. Nothing requires your safety signage to be boring or a standard look and feel for all businesses. Take the opportunity to mix things up and free yourself and your customers from the monotony of generic signage.

Wow your customers with your creativity. And don’t think that your signs have to be the same forever. Consider creating variations that coordinate with holidays, major events or seasons – incorporate sandals in the summer or snowflakes in the winter. You can also include interesting facts or trivia on your signs. If you run a gym, you could include a quick health fact on each graphic. And someone running a wine shop may recommend dinner pairings with their wine varieties.

Surprise your customers in meaningful and relevant ways. When you can make a customer’s experience interactive in a different way than usual, you make it memorable. And when customers remember you with a positive experience, they’ll think more highly of your business and what you offer. Start a conversation with your social signage.

4. Generate Leads

Your safety signage doesn’t have to be a static experience that only enforces healthy behavior inside your business. Your signs can also be a great lead generation tool encouraging customers to engage with your brand long after they’ve left your store.

QR codes are one of the easiest ways to incorporate additional information into your signage. With a quick and easy scan on their mobile device, they can sign up for a loyalty program, subscribe to a newsletter or emails, download your mobile app or even receive a discount on their purchase.

Using your signage in this way gives them a dual purpose – to promote safety and bring new customers to your business. Building a long-term relationship with your audience in this way can make a big difference to your business.

Create Strategic Signage That Works for Your Brand

Social distancing signage doesn’t need to be generic or boring. Transform something that’s necessary for public health and safety into a unique way to communicate with your customers!

If you need to update your business’ signage, partner with AlphaGraphics Sandy to replace the worn and outdated signs with something that will really get you noticed. We can help you create custom signs that boost your marketing efforts and help you put your best foot forward every day.


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