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A good vendor is as important as a good customer. And what a good vendor should be is not necessarily the same for every company.

Businesses, including printing companies, are all made different, with different leadership styles, goals, personalities, sizes, strengths and values. This is great news! It means businesses of all kinds can find the perfect printing company to work with.

Finding that good printing partner for your company is just like the other important decisions you make. It takes consideration and an understanding of what you are going to get and how it will fit with your company. To help you better understand AlphaGraphics Sandy, here’s a short list of things you won’t get from us.

What You Don’t Get in a Printing Company with AlphaGraphics Sandy

  1. We are not the cheapest printer. If you’re looking for the cheapest option available, we’re probably not a good fit. We care about our clients and offer too much expertise, product quality, online ordering tools, speed and customized options to have the lowest prices. In fact, nobody is the cheapest printer. There’s always somebody cheaper if that’s what is important to you. What’s important to us is helping you succeed, and being the cheapest does not fit our model.

  2. We are not robots. We are a local printing company with decades of experience helping companies communicate through print and marketing. Humanity is at the heart of communication, and it takes people to truly understand your business and offer ideas that can make game-changing differences for your business. Order takers are for getting lunch. We are guides that love teaching you valuable insights that help you do your job better and help your business grow. We love to utilize technology as often as possible and to make processes as efficient as possible, but we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. If you’ve got it all figured out and don’t value the human element, we may not be the best fit for you.

  3. We’re not just a vendor. Anyone can go do. We are go-to. We’re in the center of it all—of the community, technological advances, in your corner, and close to perfect. This means that whenever, whatever you need to get done, you have a go-to, close to the office, and on the money every time. We get you. Companies that love working with us are those that have partnered with us and have integrated us into their operations. We have a close working relationship and and almost always working on projects together.

  4. We don’t blow smoke. While others are talking passion, we’re busy delivering proof. We have honest conversations, offer realistic solutions, and deliver on-time and as promised. It’s ingrained into our DNA, and we can’t shake it loose. If you’re more into big talkers and showboaters who aren’t always reliable, then we may not be right for you. We promise what we can deliver and deliver what we promise.

  5. We’re not small. With about 11,000 square feet and robust equipment, we are equipped to take on a lot of things and do them well. However, producing really small orders (a couple small prints, or just one of anything) is not what we are best at. We don’t love to say “no” so we will do our best at helping you, but if you are looking for a company that excels at one-off small projects, then you should look elsewhere. Our focus is to produce business-sized projects… and to produce them fast.

  6. We’re not perfect. Our on-time percentage is typically around 99%, and we do our best to produce perfect products over 99% of the time. But sometimes we make mistakes. When we do we own up to them, and we do everything we can to make things right for you. Our founder used to say, “The difference between a good printer and a bad printer is when things go wrong, and they’re sure to go wrong at some point, a bad printer will leave you high and dry, while a good printer will be there for you to help you through to better days.”

  7. We’re not proofreaders. When we are generating content or designing print files ourselves, we always check our work for accuracy and quality. Much of the time, our clients supply us with print files. We offer proofs on every project to help ensure our clients have a good understanding of what they are going to receive as a finished product. But one thing we do not do is proofread the content of the print files that have been supplied to us. We can probably help you find a company that can, if you are in need of those services, but we do not offer those services for files we receive and are just going to print.

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