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Pocket folders (presentation folders) are a great way to leave proposals or presentations as a leave-behind with people.  

They are typically 9"x12" in size so they hold 8.5"x11" inserts, but we can produce smaller or larger pocket folders for you if you would like.

What's nice to know about pocket folders is how they are produced (see video above).  In larger quantities it does not cost any more money to print on the pockets than if you only printed on the outside of the folder.  What does cost more money is printing on the inside of the folder.


Pocket folders are typically printed on a large press and then have to be die cut, scored, folded, and glued.  This process requires a lot of setup, so it's usually only economical to print 500 or more pocket folders at a time.  However, if you need only a small amount of pocket folders, then we have an option of digitally printing on a card stock, scoring and folding the sheets, and then affixing pre-cut pockets onto the sheets.  This method costs more per folder to produce, but we can print as few as 10 folders for you if you would like.  The other drawbacks are the pockets cannot be printed and always have business card slits in them.  They're also a little more bulky than traditional pocket folders, but they work very well for those that only need a few folders printed.


If you're looking to spend a little more and get some unique or very cool looking pocket folders, then we have a lot of options available for custom pocket folders, including:

  • Custom pocket shapes

  • Embossing

  • Foil

  • Spot UV

  • Soft touch

  • Expanded capacity spines and/or pockets

  • Tri-fold pocket folders

  • Pocket folder saddle-stitched booklets

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