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Unexpected places for graphics and decals

Completed Houseboat Graphics

The natural place for vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps is… vehicles! But what happens when you take a graphic that is traditionally used in one form and apply it to something a little unexpected?

Our owner, Andy Selcho, did just that with some very special graphics for his houseboat. Andy and his family have a passion for boating and playing at Lake Powell. They regularly spend time there and have all kinds of fun making memories with family. It also doesn’t hurt that there is some forced disconnection with no cell service out on the Lake! It just goes to show you that with some creativity – and with the experts at AlphaGraphics Sandy by your side – you can create nearly anything you can imagine!

Graphics everywhere – get creative!

Creative use of vehicle graphics – and any other creative endeavor – starts with an idea. When you’re looking to change things up in your business or your home office, a great question to start with is, “What if…?”. Chances are that what you want to do has been thought of and designed for, or could be done, with materials that are already available. And if your exact idea hasn't been done, something similar probably has.

Modern printing and materials make an ever-expanding array of options within easy reach. One of the great things about modern vinyl graphics and decals is that they are designed to go on nearly any surface. So, whether you want to deck out your houseboat, your conference room wall, or your sidewalk, there’s likely a material that will work for your purposes.


Before Graphics Installation


After Graphics Installation

Important things to consider

When you’re working through the planning phases of your project, there will be a lot of things you’ll want to consider. Here are just some of the things that you may want to think through as you work on the various phases of your project planning.

  • Where are the graphics going? Is the surface flat or textured? What materials will stick to the surface?

  • How long do you expect the graphics to last? Are they for a campaign or a permanent business fixture?

  • What should your design look like? Are there any moving elements that need to be accounted for in the design? Does it look good from all angles?

  • What pieces are you comfortable with doing on your own? What do you need help with?

  • What is the message you want to send? Is this for customers, staff or family? Is your text easy to read? Is your design easily seen and understood?

These are just a handful of the questions you can ask to help you with the direction of your project. And if you’re not sure about any of them or need help, the experts at AlphaGraphics Sandy are just a quick phone call away!

Choose an expert

The process for designing, printing, cutting and installing vehicle graphics or similar signs is involved and requires a lot of attention to detail and many steps. When Andy installed the graphics on his house boat, he was careful to take measurements and create proper mock ups for the design, even though the boat was hundreds of miles away. This was one of the elements that made the project tricky and a little nerve wracking.

Andy designed the logo and concept of the size and placement on the boat along with the stripe design. And everything turned out just as planned! For the graphics, a high-quality 3M IJ-180 vinyl was used. This is the same vinyl that is used for high-end vehicle wraps. It was printed with our large-format latex printer and finished with a gloss overlamination to protect the graphics from the elements and make it last longer.

Installation was hundreds of miles, but Andy has some expertise in graphics installation so he decided to take his son and get it installed – it took them about half of a day. Preparation was an important part of the install including making sure everything was alighted properly and looking great. Naturally, it makes sense to have professional installation on large projects like these where mistakes can be costly and frustrating. Fortunately, AlphaGraphics Sandy has the expertise you’ll need to get you smoothly through every step of the process in creating beautiful graphics – wherever you’re placing them.

Sit back and enjoy the results

After spending the time to design, print and install the graphics, Andy was able to proudly take a step back and look at the final result of his efforts. The graphics are a great addition to the houseboat and make what used to be a neutral design take on a very personal and customized look. When your project is complete, remember to step back and enjoy the results of your efforts. Appreciating your work and the final result of the project is a great feeling and helps bring it all full circle.

Whether you’re putting decals on a houseboat, doing window graphics for your business or some other artistic and interesting project, remember that you have a local partner who is dedicated to helping you create beautiful and interesting graphics of all shapes and sizes.

Completed Installation

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