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In our last post we talked about QR Codes and gave a basic overview of what they are. Now to the good part…we want to share some effective uses for QR Codes so you can, with the help of Alphagraphics of course, can put them to good use for your business. In our experience here are some of the most basic, yet most effective uses of a QR Code.

  • Information. Use packaging and promotional items (perhaps given to customers after a service is completed) to as a place for QR codes to link to additional information, be it content that gives color and depth to a product or a thank you page for recent purchase.

  • Games and entertainment. Offer free music downloads, access to an online game, or, if applicable, access to a free demo of your product.

  • Social. Use QR codes to provide easy access to your social media presences: Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, and more.

  • Business cards and company information. Companies can offer QR codes as links to digital versions of contact information, company websites, and more. With “live” digital materials, you can update content at any time without a significant added expense.

  • Coupons. Add value to your marketing materials by providing links to coupons and other special offers, accessible only via the QR code. This also allows you to track the number of people taking advantage of the offers that you currently offer through the use of QR Codes.

QR Codes are just one of our specialties. Alphagraphics specializes in helping any size business succeed. We have many tools that can be effectively used to help grow your business and now that you know of our expertise putting QR Codes to work for you…give us a call. Let us show you how QR Codes give your business another easy, effective way to boost your marketing ROI.

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